2015, Francigena Food Tour Classic

Program Via Francigena

  1. 8 am - Appointment at the hotel ( optional )
  2. 9 am - Starting at Campagnano di Roma
  3. 1 am - Lunch break
  4. 2 pm - Departure at Basolato of Antica Via Amerina
  5. 6 pm - Arrival at Campagnano di Roma
  6. 7 pm - Back to the hotel ( optional )

Description Via Francigena

The Via Francigena is the ancient road traveled by pilgrims from northern Europe who came to Rome on a pilgrimage.
In this stretch of Lazio often the route overlaps Roman roads and ancient Etruscan roads. The journey of 1 day takes in two stretches of the Via Francigena (start and finish in Campagnano) and along a stretch of the ancient Via Amerina which is still paved with Roman cobblestones.
The route is mainly on the plain of dirt roads and easy paths and presents no technical difficulties, however, being 23 km long is suitable to peoplewho are used to walking and you will be needing comfortable footwear. Also recommended is a backpac to carry 1 liter of water, some snacks and a sweatshirt or jacket. Snacks can be provided by the organizers

Information Via Francigena

  • Info e booking francigena@mediterraid.it - tel. 0039 3382868402 / 0039 331600492