2015, Francigena Food Tour Classic

Program of the Lunch at the Monastery

  1. 10 am – Appointment at the hotel ( optional )
  2. 11.30 am - Arrival at the Monastery, visit accompanied by the friars'.
  3. 1 pm - Lunch at the Refectory.
  4. 3 pm - Relax and meditation.
  5. 5 pm - Back to the hotel ( optional )

Description of the Lunch at the Monastery

The friars' rhythms are marked by nature and by prayer.
An enlightening experience for those who live at the monastery and travelers and pilgrims are always welcome.
The simple life at the monastery is lived by returning to the cultivation of land and by raising animals in the old traditional way. The food supply is often self-sufficient, the products are simple and genuine. The meal time is part of the thanksgiving. Eating together with the friars in the refectory of the monastery is powerful and unforgettable, for body and spirit.

  • Information on Lunch at the Monastery

    • info e booking: francigena@mediterraid.it - tel. 0039 3382868402 / tel. 0039 331600492