2015, Francigena Food Tour Classic

Program Family Lunch

  1. 10 am – Appointment at the hotel ( optional )
  2. 12 am - Arrive at the family home and visit to the vegetable garden and hen-house
  3. 1 pm- Family lunch
  4. 3 pm - Visit around he property
  5. 7 pm - Back to the hotel ( optional )

Description of the Family Lunch

No restaurant will ever be able to take the place of a family home offering the warmth and joy only such a place can offer in the countryside around the large dining room table. Visiting the farm and seeing where the food you eat originates is a rare opportunity. Talk to the cook and his family which creates an atmosphere , fruits in-house as well as the bread which is baked in their oven. On the farm you eat homemade pasta, vegetables, tree fruits, cheese, eggs and meat of their livestock. The wine is often produced in house as well as the bread is baked in your oven. bread which is baked in their oven. We contacted the best cooks who normally only cook for their families and out of passion. We convinced them to open their parlor to you. Real food, simple, zero km, as it was once prepared and eaten. A visit to the places of interest will enrich your day.

Information on Family Lunch

  • info e booking: francigena@mediterraid.it - tel. 0039 3382868402 / tel. 0039 331600492