2015, Francigena Food Tour Classic

Program of the Lake Tour

  1. 10 am – Appointment at the hotel ( optional )
  2. 11 am - Anguillara and medieval village and Museum
  3. 1 pm - Trevignano Romano - Lunch by the lake.
  4. 4 pm - Bracciano visit to the Orsini - Odescalchi Castle
  5. 7 pm - Back to the hotel ( optional )

Description of the Lake Tour

From London to Alexandria in Egypt and later to the East, by way of Lake Bracciano. This is what happened between 1937 and 1940 when the lake, near the former Italian military seaplane base, was chosen by Imperial Airways as a stage of flights to faraway destinations so far. You can breath the atmosphere of these times at the Airforce Museum at Vigna di Valle in Anguillara.
By car or by ferry we will reach Trevignano where we will have lunch in the quaint village by the lake.
Back at Bracciano we will visit the impressive Castello Orsini-Odescalchi, fortress and residence of the feudal lords. The walls, the keep and manor still tell their stones through the vicissitudes of the Saracens. Famous guests of the past and present, strategic weddings betrayals, political intrigue and excommunications, real or alleged betrayals, all of this is found in these rooms during the castle's stormy histor.

Information Lake Tour

  • Info e Booking: francigena@mediterraid.it - tel. 0039 3382868402 / tel. 0039 331600492