2015, Francigena Food Tour Classic

Program Tasting Day

  1. 10 am – Appointment at the hotel ( option )
  2. 11 am - Casale Martignano - Tour of - tasting organic foods zero km
  3. 1.30 pm- Castel S.Elia visit to the monastery
  4. 3 pm - Short walk on the Via Francigena
  5. 4 pm - Azienda vinicola Ronci - Guided tour - Wine Tasting and products to zero km – Presentation and cheese tasting
  6. 7 pm - Back to the hotel ( optional )

Description Tasting Day

Our journey through the "Knowledge" and "Taste" of the Via Francigena starts from the organic farm "Casale Martignano" where in the morning we visit the farm and then seated at tables overlooking the lake savor the production of breeding wild-bred pigs accompanied by a fine selection of artisan cheeses and freshly picked organic salads. Followed by a visit to the monastery of Castel Sant'Elia clinging to cliffs views. In the afternoon an easy half-hour walk on the Via Francigena will take us to the Wine Company Ronci where we visit the cellar and through a guided tour will taste six precious wines associated with delicious dishes designed specifically to enhance their flavor.
The tasting at Casale Martignano revolves around food, while the wine tasting of the Wine Company Ronci honours the wine.
In a single day 1 or 2 tastings can be done.
Option A) Casale di Marignano, - meat, cheese, salads.
Option B) Company Wine Ronci wine taster
Option A + B) Casale di Marignano + Wine Company Ronci

Information Tasting Day

  • info e booking: francigena@mediterraid.it - tel. 0039 3382868402 / tel. 0039 331600492